Smart Shower

Shower head with integrated shower gel/shampoo container

Smart Shower

The invention is a shower head with an integrated shower gel or shampoo container, whereby the washing substance is heated or cooled in the shower.

For a feeling of well-being in the shower, the shower gel is warmed up before it gets applied on the skin, which is particularly advantageous in cold seasons. Smart Shower also offers a good solution for a more pleasant shower experience for people with sensitive scalps.

Short description of the invention

Smart Shower is a functional shower head in which the shower gel/shampoo is integrated and warms or cools with the water flow of the shower head.

The body care products, such as shower gel or shampoo, are filled into the handle of the shower head. A closable filler opening is provided for this purpose. The shower gel or shampoo is heated or cooled in the container on the side via the water flow in the handle of the shower head. The container is not insulated and takes on its ambient temperature, which is regulated by the water flow.

The pump head allows the desired amount of shower gel/shampoo to be dispensed and applied through a closable dispensing opening.

Advantages of the invention


Nice shower experience

The shower gel/shampoo is already preheated or cooled in the shower head of Smart Shower and corresponds to the desired temperature when dispensed.

The application of the shower gel is therefore much more pleasant on the skin.

Less Plastic

The body cleansing products are filled directly into the shower head and thus no separate packaging is necessary.

This also saves a lot of plastic waste.

Easy Use and application

The pump button dispenses the shower gel or shampoo from the side of the shower head.

This saves opening, closing and placing separate shower gel/shampoo bottles, which often fall over on the slippery surface and get in the way during showering.

Field of Application

Area of application

When showering, it is often unpleasant if the shower gel or shampoo is cold. The disadvantage of known shower heads with a similar function is that you can only add the body care products (shower gel/shampoo... ) and the shower gel flows out of the shower at the same time as the water. Therefore it's impossible to get the amount properly adjusted and also the shower gel does not heat up or cool down.

The innovative shower head, Smart Shower, solves this problem and can be used by anyone in the shower. Smart Shower optimises the shower experience in every bathroom and provides the necessary sense of well-being.
3D Visualisations


Property right

Utility Model protection

Type of protection: AT Utility Model Protection

Reference number: GM52/2021

Date of registration: 18.05.2021

Main claim: In detail, the shower head consists of a shower head (1), where the water comes from the hose into the different nozzle chambers, and a handle with a shower gel container (2), which has a closable filling opening (3) into which the preferred cleaning agent is filled. A thin water hose (4) without insulation in the middle of the container in the middle of the handle allows the detergent to heat up or cool down. By means of a pump button (5), the desired amount of detergent can be applied through a closable dispensing opening.


Shows the shower head in top view.


Shows the shower head in the view 

Fig. 3

Shows the shower head in cross-section

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